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Lanny is the modern, fast growing furniture company, offering the large selection of Bean bags, Poufs, Curvy chairs in a variety of colors and fabrics. Being a long term investment, Lanny products provide the ultimate comfort, physically and mentally. Why mentally you would ask? Simple, we all need a super comfy, all-sided support item after a long long day, and Lanny fulfills it all. It provides not only joy of relaxing, but also cleaning. First thing you will ask before buying anything is "how it can be cleaned", with Lanny products it's super easy, just remove the outside cover which is equipped with a huge zipper and throw it into the washing machine. When first Lanny bean bag was created, it was tested by friends and family, and after a few alterations, finally, perfect dimensions were concluded - famous Lanny Large size 130cm diameter and 60cm height. In the beginning it was planned to sell only perfected Large size, but later Medium and Small sizes were offered as well. So here you go, all sizes, all colors. Later on, creators found more amazing fabrics, and the collection continued growing. Now, let's talk a little about our beautiful Curvy chairs. Well, not a secret we love them so much. Overall, after 3 failed designs, the current Curvy chair was invented. Designers wanted a light and creative chair that is not too wide for 1 person and not too high so it could be lounge furniture as well. Added ottoman just made it 100 times better, so that is how our 2-set really cool furniture were available for sale.Poufs came shortly after Curvy's. As ottomans were rising in demand, Lanny team quickly started creating poufs of 4 sizes and shapes for all rooms and moods. You have Tall pouf perfect replacement of hard-to-find kitchen bar chairs, you have Medium size poufs that can be used everywhere possible, Short poufs - use it around coffee table or as a coffee table - your wish, and finally our yoga style Floor poufs, so popular in bohemian styled homes.  Finally, about our team. We are all so dedicated, that we take each product personally. For example we seriously greet our items every morning, and say our goodbyes. Our team worked and work hard to achieve the reputation we stand by until now. Our goal is for each person entering our store to find what they are looking for, from 200+ choices to offer, we promise the perfect match of your dreams.