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Franky Blue Bean bag

Dhs. 930.00
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Product Description:

Big and comfy bean bag chairs with three different sizes: Extra Large, large and medium. Covered by soft chenille fabric gives it contemporary look. The dual cover makes cleaning easy and simple. Thanks to polystyrene beans filler, it takes your body shape, which significantly reduces pressure on your spine.  


Now, we get it, choosing the right size can be confusing. Here are some guidelines from our Lanny bean bags experts: Large size will guarantee full relaxation due to its huge dimensions. If you want large one, but have a limited space, the confident choice will be Medium size. In case all the space is taken by other furniture Small size bean bag will be a perfect add-on. You can find your ideal size based on your demand, we covered it all.

XL SIZE: Minimum required area 2 meters X 2 meters

L SIZE: Minimum required area 1.5 meters X 1.5 meters

M SIZE: Minimum required area 1.2 meters X 1.2 meters

S SIZE: Minimum required area 1 meter X 1 meter

Fabric and filling made with long-lasting high-quality material
Water repellent fabric
Dual Cover
Filled with polystyrene beans
Refill is possible.
Turkish Chenille fabric
Fabric texture

In order to wash the cover of your bean bag just unzip that huge zipper and remove the outside cover. Wash it cold 30 ْ preferably alone and zipped. 

All Lanny products have 3 years manufacturer's warranty


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All Lanny products have three-years manufacturing warranty


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