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Beanbag Beige color with girl seating on it

Original Tweed Bean Bag

The tweed material is strong and reliable, making it the perfect choice for use throughout the home.  The highly textured fabric provides a boho-style appearance that can easily pair well with any aesthetic you wish to achieve and is available in a multi-shade thread to create a stunning look.

The Original Beanbag is the coziest seating solution, providing a comfortable and spacious place to relax and unwind whenever you’re in the mood to do so. The larger-than-market-size bean bag chair is sure to look good in any room throughout the home, such as your living room, bedroom, or guest room.  Simply place it in the ideal spot, whether against the wall or by the window, take a seat and get comfortable to experience the true meaning of rest and relaxation! Each original beanbag chair offers the space you need and the comfort you desire to feel your best while you relax!


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